Sometimes a great idea is just obvious!

igotcha photography and Carla Unger Photography have brilliantly decided to collaborate and bring their creative skills and aspirations together to form what is now Christine and Carla Photography

Have you ever met someone who you immediately connect with, a kind of simpatico? You laugh at the same jokes, you share the same passions for life, you just can't help but smile when you're hanging out together. This is the kind of chemistry that brought Christine and Carla together and what will surely make their photography business a great success!

Christine is a firecracker. She never stops moving. She wears her passions on her sleeve whether it be for her beautiful family, her friends, her love of a good cup of coffee or a morning run. She spends her days looking for the light and the perfect moment to capture with her lens. All of this brings her a crazy amount of joy. When you meet her, you will find her smile contagious! As a photographer her gift is snapping the photo at just the time to catch the wonder in peoples eyes or the laughter that is just about to erupt. 

Carla is a prairie girl. That may not mean much to some but to those who have spent time under big open skies would know. She sees the good in everything,  loves the little details and will sit back and take it all in. She loves conversation and figuring out what inspires people. Her favourite thing in the whole wide world is spending time with her family and friends. You can tell a lot about Carla through the images she takes and what she captures. When she is behind the lens the detail and thought she puts into what is in front of her is awe inspiring. 

Both are Professional Photographers, who obtained their education through The Western Academy of Photography. They will work with you to obtain the quality that you should expect.

We have teamed up to deliver the photography experience you want and will enjoy. Our hope is to leave you with images that you will treasure for a lifetime. 

Christine and Carla


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