Corporate Photo Shoot - {Victoria Portrait Photographer}

This beautiful individual contacted us wanting a corporate photoshoot to support her Profession and Life-Style. She appropriately described herself as being part of the tribe that keeps working, moving, creating and learning. We were instantly drawn to her and her positive energy. This photoshoot did not disappoint. She came to our studio bringing her sense of fashion and fun. She is the real deal and a class act. This is the type of gal we are looking for in our Coming of Age Again project. 

Lifestyle Commercial Shoot - {Victoria Commercial Photography}

Liisa approached us about a lifestyle commercial shoot capturing environmental portraits and product shots for her website that she has been in the process of developing. This is Liisa and the product is doTERRA (essential oils). Prior to shoot day we worked with Liisa to create the environment she was visualizing, the props, colour palette and poses etc. On shoot day, we had a plan, leading to a successful couple of hours and a fantastic set of images for her to choose from. We also learnt a lot about doTERRA and the use of essential oils in various applications. We enjoyed sampling the natural oils Liisa brought to the shoot and were absolutely sold on the product. If you have interest in essential oils, Liisa is a wealth of knowledge as to their benefits. Please take a peak at her website, Essential Oil Health and More  to read about what she has to offer.

Now enjoy the images we below....


Victoria Pet Photographer | Check out Mr. Jeter the Havanese!

There is no question... Jeter is a Mr. and such a handsome one at that! What a riot we had watching this 4 year old Havanese jump on and off and on and off the posh grey chair. We can't help but get a kick out of  having pets in our studio capturing their little silly expressions and crazy antics. There is no doubt in our mind Mr. Jeter is LOVED and has the best "smile"!  Made our day! Although he looks like a poser, it took a small army and many of our homemade organic treats to persuade him to sit still for us. 

Jeter’s mama purchased a really lovely 11 × 14 fine art print and a canvas of their favourite images for her family to enjoy.  ;) Both prints will no doubt be a great centrepiece in any room! 

Pets are a part of our family and deserve a little spot light!  Book your pet portrait session now. We offer both studio and outdoor sessions

Mother + Daughter Studio Portrait Session - {Oak Bay | Victoria Photographer}

These images of this absolutely beautiful Mother Daughter duo speak for themselves. They share an obvious comfort and joy with one another that came through with each photo! We are thrilled with the results! Take a look!

The special relationship that exists between a mother and daughter deserves to be celebrated. It is the time that we spend together laughing, playing, adventuring that, as parents, we want to hold on to. We want to savour this time in our lives together because it really   does    go    all   too   fast. The magic of photography is that with an image, you can stop time.  Reminiscing while looking at photos allows you to be transported back to that space with your kids -  triggering those sweet memories.

As parents we often take photos of our children and forget or even more often "dodge" the camera. Our children are going to want to see photos of you at every age - the good - bad and gracefully grey.  They will want those memories of you as much as you do of them!  So book your Mother + Child | Father + Child Session with us. 

Dancer Portrait Head Shot Session - {Victoria | Studio Photographer}

We love the strength and personality this dancer carries with her! She came in needing a Head Shot for an upcoming dance audition. This teen has what it takes. She has a passion for dance and a dedication to this art form. Emily has been dancing since she could walk. She can often be found in the halls of Boston Dance doing what what she loves most. Dance! 

What we loved most about our session with Emily was her mega watt smile that was nothing short of infectious. She lit up the room and made our job photographing her easy as pie. 

Teen Portrait Session in Studio - {Oak Bay | Victoria Photographer}

This talented teen, Cameron, came in to our studio today to have a Head Shot for his acting/musical portfolio. He has been seen around town in many fine productions including Peter Pan Pano at the McPhearson Playhouse, Magic Flute and Midsummers Night Dream at the Victoria Pacific Opera as well as numerous performances for Saltwater Productions. He has also acted in short films which have won awards and have been shown at the Cannes Film Festival. His smile was contagious and his bright personality shone through in these images. It was an absolute pleasure to photograph him. His proud father jumped in for a quick shot!

Mother's Day Studio Photoshoot - {Victoria Photographer}

What Mother would not want a photoshoot with their beautiful child on Mother's Day?! This Mother-Daughter combo were a complete dream to photograph. There was a tremendous amount of laughter and love in the studio. They brought along a number of wardrobe changes which really brought a whole new level of fun to the evening. As mothers we often shy away from the camera however in doing so, we deny our children the opportunity to have these treasured images us. So all you parents out there, make sure you remember to get on the other side of the lens and caputre this time WITH your kids!!!

Mother + Daughter Fine Art Studio - {Oak Bay Photographer}

This mother daugther team knocked it out of the park in our studio last night! Check back later to see more. The perfect Mother's Day gift for the Mom who wants nothing more than time and memories with her children. Accepting bookings now for Mother's Day photoshoots.

Brother Buddies - {Victoria Studio Photography}

We thorougly enjoyed watching the dynamics between these 2 brothers! You could tell they were truly buddies. It was such a fun photo session in the studio. The boys were relaxed and happy and continued on with their own banter as the parents watched on. 

We had these images printed on archival 100% cotton fibre fine art paper. Can't wait to see them framed on our client's wall! 

let's make art....

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