Mother's Day Studio Photoshoot - {Victoria Photographer}

What Mother would not want a photoshoot with their beautiful child on Mother's Day?! This Mother-Daughter combo were a complete dream to photograph. There was a tremendous amount of laughter and love in the studio. They brought along a number of wardrobe changes which really brought a whole new level of fun to the evening. As mothers we often shy away from the camera however in doing so, we deny our children the opportunity to have these treasured images us. So all you parents out there, make sure you remember to get on the other side of the lens and caputre this time WITH your kids!!!

"My Brothers and I" Family Session, Victoria, B.C.

What does an early morning session capturing four teenagers on their day off school equal?  Well a heck of a good time! We give these four a lot of credit for getting up early on a day they could have slept until noon. The photo shoot is a gift and we kept reminding them to "do it for Dad". We loved the outfits they pulled together, the smiles, their easy laid back attitude, and the joyful teasing they enjoyed with each other. The fall colours and golden morning sunshine was spectacular.