Mother + Daughter Studio Portrait Session - {Oak Bay | Victoria Photographer}

These images of this absolutely beautiful Mother Daughter duo speak for themselves. They share an obvious comfort and joy with one another that came through with each photo! We are thrilled with the results! Take a look!

The special relationship that exists between a mother and daughter deserves to be celebrated. It is the time that we spend together laughing, playing, adventuring that, as parents, we want to hold on to. We want to savour this time in our lives together because it really   does    go    all   too   fast. The magic of photography is that with an image, you can stop time.  Reminiscing while looking at photos allows you to be transported back to that space with your kids -  triggering those sweet memories.

As parents we often take photos of our children and forget or even more often "dodge" the camera. Our children are going to want to see photos of you at every age - the good - bad and gracefully grey.  They will want those memories of you as much as you do of them!  So book your Mother + Child | Father + Child Session with us. 

Grey is the new White - loving our new backdrop!, Victoria, B.C.

We had a great time photographing this fresh faced pre-teen in our studio this week. She had a fantastic sense of fun and style. The grey backdrop worked well with her skin tone and every combination of outfit that she brought in!

Can't wait to see photos from this shoot printed. The pops of colour are going to be brilliant!

If you are wanting some fun in-studio portraits get in touch with us anytime through our contact page.

It is that time of year! Book your Holiday Mini Session!

It's that time of year! We are hosting our first mini session. Come join us in our "studio space" with your littles dressed in holiday cheer! Yes, we will be blasting Christmas music in November and there might be a candy cane or two involved! 

If you are wanting images printed, we are happy to help out with this. 

Please go to our contact page to book your 30 minute session! 


Holiday Mini Session MS014.jpg

Caitlin - Portraits of a talented young singer-song writer.

It was a pleasure to photograph the lovely Caitlin. She was needing a collection of promotional photos for her upcoming body of work. We collaborated with her to stylize images that had a certain happy feel to them. The autumn evening light with the tall grass lent itself perfectly to creating just the look we were after. Please check out her latest video, "Wicked"