Cast Call!

We need your help!  We are looking for inspirational women who are 50 + to be a part of our photography project. We all know them!!!

“Coming of Age... Again.”  A celebration of women as they age.   

  • Inspiring women over 50

We are endeavouring to put together a book of photography showcasing women who are 50+ and living joyful, passionate lives. Our inspiration for this book came  from the recognition that we need to celebrate the aging process.  In order to do this we want to photograph women who are leaders, artists, thinkers, adventurers, athletes. Woman who are passionate about their lives, comfortable in their own skin and yet still growing and learning in order to become their best selves.

We will be interviewing each woman to get a sense of who they are in order to create the perfect image that tells their story. Each image should stand alone to convey a sense of what is important to them or what makes them shine!

If you know a woman who fits this profile/description (she could be a family member, neighbour, co-worker, “the girl next door”) that you think we should invite to take part in our project, please contact us. Our goal is to interview and photograph 100 women!

If you have any questions about, “Coming of Age Again” and our vision please go to our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.


Mission Statement:  Our goal is to inspire women of all ages to live a life that is joyful.

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